Monday, June 4, 2012

Telehealth: latest healthcare news

Do you know teleheath? It's a concept that's more or less certain to loom larger in the lives of all of us as the technological curve continues on its exponential course. At the moment, it's not something all of us are likely to have encountered but as time goes on we're likely to see it emerge as more central healthcare tool.What is telehealth? Essentially it really just means using telecommunications technologies to provide healthcare info and services - NHS24 being an example.

A recent news report bring the development that "silver surfers" (internet users in their 50s and beyond) are keen to interact with health services more often, and are a demographic that's been shown to interact positively with financial institutions while using online bank services.

The prime minister has stated that “three million people will benefit from a major telehealth and telecare rollout” according to the article, published on the PS public service news site.

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