Monday, May 28, 2012

Private healthcare and hopitals

One of the main reasons people choose private healthcare is that it means more control over which geographical location you're seen in the event that you need medical treatment. And also of course it means that there's more flexibility when it comes to arranging treatment times as with most types of policy you can avoid the sometimes lengthy - and often complained about - waiting lists that are a reality for many types of treatment if you're not with a private medical insurance policy provider.

This week it was reported though, that there may be another benefit to private medicine, which is that the infection rates are lower. According to a report in the Independent, "private hospitals had a lower infection rate than the NHS". the picture looks positive overall with infection rates having fallen by a massive 22% since the previous survey in 2006.

In other news this week industry news website reports that an interesting new clinic has opened up in the heart of London's financial district. Offering biochip technology services to test for up to 250 different symptoms - plus even a cutting edge 'diagnostic stress test' the clinic is sure to be popular with individuals and firms in the area. With big firm or small business health insurance providing employee cover it means that staff health can be managed more efficiently and have people back to work as soon as possible.

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