Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dental Insurance Change Causes Protest

An issue over a change of dental insurance supplier has caused a number of the Jersey City Police Officers Benevolent Association to protest outside the council chambers building this week.

The issue was with Business Administrator Jack Kelly, who changed the dental insurance provider without consulting the police union.

The resolution was tabled by the council and Viola Richardson claimed that they had not been given sufficient notice of the changes and there had been a lack of information about exactly what the new coverage would involve.

The decision to change provider was apparently made after the current insurer proposed a 4% increase on the current rate. The alternative provider was able to offer the same coverage for the same price they were currently paying.

Members on the Jersey City POBA claimed that Kelly had also endangered the city by understaffing the emergency services alongside continually violating contracts they had with the union.

The president of the Jersey City POBA claimed that Kelly had provided them with absolutely no information about the new policy that was in place. He also said that while the previous contract had now expired the employees could still be covered by the policy. 
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