Monday, November 12, 2012

The cost of smoking: a business health issue

The cost of smoking is now so high that it's a surprise anyone still smokes. In the last century, cigarettes went from being a cheap commodity and used by the majority to something expensive and used, if not by the few exactly, then certainly by an ever decreasing minority.

And luckily, the whole world seems to be cleaning up its act on smoking. Offices, shops, workplaces don't even have a smoking room anymore. And trains don't have a smoking carriage - which is a relief since if you ever had to walk through one it was like being kippered.

However, as the many who've successfully given up smoking will tell you - it can sometimes be difficult to kick the habit. But there are more and more products available to help with this, and what with all the restrictions on smoking these days, such as the bar and restaurant smoking ban - it's easier to get through a day and not actually find oneself in many situations where the people around are smoking.

There's loads of good info online for anyone looking to start stopping smoking. Healthcare insurance provider AXA PPP healthcare has a useful set of fact sheets including a detailed one on smoking cessation. NHS choices also has some good content on this subject.

There was a report in the Guardian not long ago that said smoking costs businesses in the UK £1.4bn in lost productivity due to the higher number of sick leave days taken by those who smoke. And according to recent research smokers are about a third more likely to take time off due to sickness.

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