Monday, March 5, 2012

New Crowning Technique for Teeth

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No one likes going to the dentist, least of all those who may have had issues with their teeth over the years.  Whether it is because of requiring a painful filling or a tightening up of the braces it's never pleasant having someone poking away at your mouth.

However new treatments are now being tested to make that trip a little more forgiving.  Experts are trialling a new, pain free method which would not involve the dreaded dentist drill and early signs show that the method is more effective than the conventional method. 

The new method involves keeping the decay in the tooth rather than use the more traditional method of scraping it out.  The NHS have already invested £3 million into the method, such is the success of the project.

The unfortunate news, for the moment anyway, is that it's only suitable for milk teeth, which means that only children will benefit from the new procedure.  

Fillings are normally carried out by drilling the decay from the tooth and packing the exposed area with filling.  The new method is carried out by simply slipping a metal crown over the effected area and cemented into place.  No anaesthetic is required and whilst the area is covered the decay will cease or slow down as no bacteria or oxygen will gain access to the area.

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