Friday, October 7, 2011

Would you get dental care abroad to save money?

According to a recent news report, private dental car in the UK is becoming so expensive that a growing number of patients are travelling to Eastern Europe for dental care, where treatment is remains much cheaper.

At the moment an average UK private dental check up bill can cost over a hundred pounds, but many people are now discovering that more expensive treatments can be obtained in countries such as Hungary and Poland. A number of health based travel company's have now been set up to offer packages to deal with the demand, with some claiming to offer flights, accommodation and treatment for less than a standard private dental operation in Britain. According to the operator Dentist Abroad, 70,000 people travelled abroad for treatment, but this figure comes with a warning - as the British dental association reports that 29% of these people had to be treated in the UK for complications after treatment abroad. Anyone considering treatment abroad is urged to check qualifications and the history of their chosen dentist, as regulations may not be as strict as they are in the UK.

However, with great saving to be made on health cash plans, there are ways to get private dental care without running up huge costs or having to arrange holiday days. Would you consider getting dental treatment abroad?

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