Saturday, September 10, 2011

Reflexology heals a facial scar: But can it help you?

The word reflexology is probably most commonly known for stress reduction, or the healing of aching bones - but a recent Telegraph article has reported on the use of the treatment to reduce a scar on a woman's cheek.

Caroline Boucher was left with a large facial scar after undergoing several surgergies and a skin graft to remove and treat malignant melanoma - but after eight months of weekly reflexology treatments, the scar is now far less prominent.This has the potential to bring new uses to the treatment, which has a mixed reception in the medical world - with some praising and some dismissing the usefullness of reflexology.Often thought of as an alternative therapy, lots of private health insurance providers are now offering reflexology for conditions like frozen shoulder. So what is it? And is it any good?

Reflexology is a treatment which involves massaging hands, feet and ears with specific parts of the hands and fingers - to treat other areas of the body through corresponding 'reflex areas'.The treatment dates back thousands of years, having first been practised (albeit in a slightly different way) in ancient China and Egypt.

This BBC health video on reflexology is quite interesting, and explains the benefits and background of the treatment well. what do you think about reflexology?

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