Wednesday, January 12, 2011

General Claims Advice, Contacts and Emergency Information for Flood affected clients

Floodwaters destroy home in Grantham- ABC TV
If you have been issued a current flood warning, or you have already been affected by the recent and ongoing Queensland (and Northern NSW) flooding; once yourself and your loved ones are safe and secure, you can begin to consider what to do next. 

Whether the flood has happened or has only been predicted in your area, it is helpful to know the simple steps you should take to prepare for a possible insurance claim. Taking the right steps now will result in a quicker and simpler resolution of any claim you may have.

1. Notify the incident to your account broker on our main board number - 02 8814 7777, or to our National Claims Manager - Joseph Rovella on 02 8814 4708. Upon Notification of your incident, Coverforce will be able to assist you with specific advice relating to your circumstances and can answer your questions relating to policies you currently hold.

Alternatively, should you wish you contact your insurer directly, most recognised insurers have Customer Response Teams on the ground and can be contact on the following numbers.

Allianz Australia - 1300 300 573
CGU - 1300 657 119
Chartis  - 02 9240 1729 or 03 9522 4594
Lumley/Wesfarmers - 1300 922 670
QBE Insurance - 1300 650 500
Vero - 1300 888 073
Zurich - 02 8263 9660

2. Keeping safety in mind at all times and adhering to any instruction to vacate flood affected areas, take all possible steps to mitigate further losses of life or property damage. For example:
  • Call the State Emergency Service, police or other appropriate emergency service depending on your circumstances.
  • Where applicable, ensure the evacuation of all building occupants including any neighbours that may be at risk.
  • Where possible take steps to secure any buildings and assets against unwanted intruders by installing boarding over exposed entry points and, if appropriate, employ an overnight security watchman.
  • Remove property which is exposed to further loss or damage to a more secure place if possible and where practical help to protect buildings through flood prevention measures like laying sandbags.
  • If critical machinery is destroyed or damaged, commence investigations to locate replacement plant or services.
  • Providing no danger to life or limb is involved, ensure the safe removal and storage of vital business records and back up computer records where possible.
Note: Actions to mitigate losses mentioned above should also be taken before the incident where appropriate warning is given.

3. Document losses including listing condition of affected assets, taking photographs (if possible before and after the incident is desirable), also ensure you track any expenses incurred in the clean up process, identifying all claim related expenses.

4. Where relevant, ensure supply chain continuity if possible and engage Business Continuity Plans or Disaster Recovery Plans (assuming these are in place).

Further Information

Throughout this difficult time, should you have any queries in relation to the insurance coverage you hold, or require claims guidance or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact your Coverforce Account Broker and they will assist you in any way possible.

IMPORTANT: General Advice Warning General advice on this website has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on the advice, consider its appropriateness. Consider our disclosure documents, which include our FSG and Product Disclosure Statements PDS) for some products.

Flood emergency Information

Disaster Recovery Hotline - 1800 173 349
State Emergency Service - 132 500
Queensland Government Flood Information -
ABC Emergency Website -
Weather and current warnings -

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